Esther Halevei

Esther Halevei has been doing grassroots work for almost 20 years and advocacy for Israel has always been her biggest passion. She has volunteered for Jews for Judaism in their fundraising campaigns and for many years she assisted Jewish families with food insecurities. Esther also had more than 20 years experience working with marginalized communities in Criminal Justice, Mental Health and Addiction field as a first call responder. She was always passionate about advocacy in Aboriginal and LGBTQ communities. Some of her main focuses has always been working with immigrant who were victims of torture and women with children that survived domestic violence. Esther is known in the community for her Human Rights and Anti War advocacy.

In 2016 Esther Halevi started one of the first and largest grassroots groups for single mothers and victims of violence in Toronto, for which has been recognized by local three levels of governments. The group she founded lead to the inception of a few more programs as Esther felt compelled to do more. She started food programs for which she has sponsored over hundreds of families through food drives and individual sponsor ships.

But she wanted to extend her help by providing support and resources to an abused woman who was ready to leave their Toxic and tragic situations. Teaming up with the moderators of the North York mom group on Facebook, many programs continued to form and blossom, while building a community of friendship between these single mothers.

During Covid19, she mobilized her resources and coordinated Food deliveries, connecting with major restaurants and stores. Her help extended to seniors as well, and weekly food and masks were delivered to most vulnerable in the community. During the crisis in the city, the struggle was real for many families, and she had to be creative, to assist those who were reaching out to her for help. She created a not-for-profit small business to provide employment for refugees and single moms. The Grocery shopping business she created helped many refugees, to send money for food back home to their kids, and it made a tremendous impact on their survival.

Esther Halevi is also one of the founding members of Network of Azerbaijani Canadians. She spend many years supporting not only Azebaijani community but also assisting immigrants and refugees from all over the world that settled in Canada.

Interfaith outreach and Political outreach