Sue-Anne Levy

A long-time print and broadcast investigative journalist with Post Media, Sue-Ann has spent the
last dozen years exposing and battling back against anti-Semitism in Toronto and in Canada.
For nearly five years, she covered the rise and fall of the Queers Against Israeli Apartheid group
which hijacked Toronto’s Gay Pride parade, until the movement fizzled out in 2014. She and her
wife, Denise Alexander – who married in a traditional Jewish ceremony in 2009 – marched for
several years with a pro-Israel group in the parade to promote the Jewish state, the only
democracy in the Middle East which recognizes same-sex rights.
Sue-Ann devoted an entire chapter in her 2016 book Underdog – Confessions of a Right-Wing
Jewish Muckraker – to the uphill battle of a grassroots group to get QuAIA out of the parade.
She has also written extensively about the virulent anti-Semitism on the campuses of York,
UofT and Ryerson and the hateful yearly Al Quds protests in Toronto. She has often been
recognized and singled out by anti-Zionist protesters while attending such protests.
Sue-Ann has fended off efforts by the anti-Zionist and BDS supporters to use the courts to
silence her and online bullying to prevent her from covering progressives in Toronto who have
used Israel as cover for their anti-Semitism.
She was the only Toronto journalist to write about the actions of Foodbenders, who has used
her social media pages to rail against Israel – and faces several lawsuits for doing so – as well as
a Toronto school board educator who sent out vitriolic anti-Israel materials to teachers in May
of 2021.
A proud and dedicated Zionist who has been to Israel many times, in 2018, Sue-Ann fulfilled a
bucket list goal to run the Jerusalem half-marathon in honour of turning 60. While doing so, she
raised more than $7,000 for the wounded soldiers of Beit Halochem.

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