Max Benaim

Max was Born in Morocco and immigrated to Toronto in 1964
Been involved as a volunteer in the Sefardic Community for over 50 years

Organized summer day camps for over 35 years for the Community

Organized Trips to Israel for Teens before Birthright came into existence

Was very much involved in organizing one of the biggest rally to Free Gilad Shalit”

Was President of Petah Tikva Congregation and the Kehila Sefardic Center and sat on their Boards for many years

Represented the Canandian Sefardic Feseration in the WZO a few times as a delegate at their Convention in Jerusalem

Retired from synagogues’s Committees after 50 years of volunteering

Presently, very much involved in organizing Bar and Bat Mitzvot for Orphans and for children from underprivileged families living in Israel- 13 years already and almost 800 children have benefited from this program- I raise all the money

Community outreach