Georganne Burke

Georganne Burke is a seasoned veteran of political activities in the United States and Canada. She has spent ten years in a variety of roles with the Conservative Party of Canada, and in the offices of ministers and MPs. Her specific area of expertise was in outreach to cultural communities.

She spent three years in the office of MP Rob Clarke where she worked on aboriginal outreach and managed the parliamentary process for his private member’s bill on the repealing and replacing the Indian Act.

Georganne has also spent a decade in the private sector in marketing both in the publishing and computer industries. She has an MBA in marketing and strategic management.

Georganne is still very active in politics in the US and Canada, having spent time on presidential politics in 2016 in the US, leadership politics in Canada in 2016-17, and assisting a wide variety of candidates and potential candidates in their efforts to run for office.

She is also a political commentator, panelist, and avid social media commentator on Twitter and Facebook, as well as in mainstream and ethnic media.

Political Outreach