Agnes Imani

Founder of United Grassroots Movement Founder of Jews Against Antisemitism Canada CAO , Canadians For Israel’s Legal Rights Named as one of the top Israel Activists in Canada by
Named as one of York region’s top movers and shakers in 2020.
Agnes became an advocate two years ago when she realized that there was a lack of action in the community in the fight against Antisemitism.Out of frustration,she went on to create The Antisemitism Toolbox, a 6 part lecture and hands on series that includes tools needed by the community to stand up against Antisemitism and stay safe.

This series United many of the Jewish organizations under one event and United the community to take a stance. Agnes realized Israel advocacy was her calling and she created the organization Jews Against Antisemitism Canada, so she could continue her advocacy work.

Agnes was awarded a certificate for her work on the Antisemitism Toolbox by MPP Gila Martow. The media has also widely covered and recognized her work on the Toolbox series and other initiatives. She then went on to bring social media sensation and Israel advocate Rudy Rochman to Toronto to target the younger generation of advocates. Some of her work includes the #Joycott movement on Social media, The Peace Toolbox Webinar, Solidarity Car cavalcade along Bathurst and much more. Agnes then went on to spearhead the United Grassroots Movement, a coalition of Canadian Grassroots Activists joining forces to counter Antisemitism.

Founder, United Grassroots Movement

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